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Let's Get Social!

Social media and Nonprofits - they go like peanut butter and jelly. 

As technology and fundraising partners of nonprofits, we hear and feel the resistance to social and digital communication. Common questions we hear - and maybe you say! - include:

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Best Practices


Prepare Now for Upcoming Event Season with Peer-to-Peer Fundraising


10 Tips for More Effective Nonprofit Email Marketing


There are many ways of communicating with your constituents. Of course there's traditional mail (letters, newsletters), phone, and events. Personal interactions during an event, fundraiser, or at your facility. While important interactions, they're also a bit time consuming for you and your already busy staff.

5 Ways to Validate Giving Decisions & Drive Retention

With a third of annual donations collected in December, many by first-time donors to an organization, finding a way to keep as many of those as possible going into a new year is a retention strategy proving quite valuable over time.

Donor Management System - 7 Trends to Look for in 2013

Technology is hard to keep up with. Year after year (or, quarter after quarter), a new release, functionality, or need emerge and the industry adapts. Nonprofit fundraising software sees the same unique challenge. Your fundraising, event implementation, drives, and volunteers change so quickly and your donor management system needs to grow with you.

Email Analytics for Nonprofit Communication


Mobile Marketing for Nonprofits: How to Push the Boundaries


Doesn't it feel like a whirlwind? Just a few years ago, you got a fully-functioning website. Then, an e-newsletter. Now, a blog and Twitter account. Maybe, you're wondering about Instagram or Pinterest for your nonprofit. Now, you've seen the huge trend of nonprofits using mobile marketing, text-to-donate, and text message campaigns for fundraising, outreach, and awareness. Is it right for your organization?

Giving Thanks

This week, we have the opportunity to reflect on the year and to give thanks. While gratitude and thankfulness should be a year-round habit, this week is especially appropriate for appreciation of co-workers, clients, successes, and progression. 2012 has been great to TowerCare and for many of our nonprofit clients. It's amazing how quickly and busy the year has gone by, but looking back, it's been a great one.

New Addition to Our Nonprofit Fundraising Solutions

Earlier this week, DonorPro launched our fifth tool for nonprofit professionals who focus on fundraising, marketing, outreach, development, communications, and website development. Called DonorPro Links, this new service is an innovative nonprofit SEO tool that will help you expand the reach and exposure to your website. As you turn to the Internet for discovering new companies, services, news, and information, the importance of your website is bigger now more than ever.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising for Your End of Year Campaign

peer-to-peer fundraising for end of year campaignYear end giving is about to kick into high gear. The weather is cooling off (or in some parts, already snowing!) and the calendar is quickly approaching the holidays. As your busy event season is coming to a close, keep up that momentum as year end campaign approaches. 

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