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An Inside Look into the User's Conference


BY: Gina Davis, Implementation Specialist at DonorPro

One of the things I love about my job is that our clients are passionate about their causes and helping people.  Being able to assist people who are making the world a better place is a great benefit in my job.

2012 DonorPro Users Conference Recap


“It's so great to finally meet you in person!!” That phrase was heard countless times during the first ever DonorPro User's Conference. And, it was so true. For many of our clients, they have worked with TowerCare Technologies staff virtually through GoToMeeting, phone, and email for so long. The voices and email signatures are recognizable, but we've never met in person. Until last month.

How to Promote Nonprofit Fundraising Event with Social Media


By. Sara Hess, Social Media Coordinator at ShowClix

How to Customize an Event Page for Your Nonprofit Event

By. Sara Hess – Social Media Coordinator, ShowClix


First impressions are important, even for your nonprofit events! A creative and informative event page can say a lot about your event and your organization’s commitment to your cause. Learn how to make your event page more compelling:

The How-To and Benefits of Selling Tickets Online for Non-Profit Events


By. Sara Hess – Social Media Coordinator, ShowClix


How To Differentiate Your Outreach

OutreachU is a webinar series that has been offered to DonorPro customers over a three month period this spring. One of the key principles within OutreachU is Need2Succed

The premise behind Need2Succeed is, when calling on customers/donors, flip the equation. Don’t tell them what THEY can do to help you. In order to build a long-term, loyal bond, ask your customer/donor what YOU can do for them.

Spotlight on Emergency Medical Services

The week of May 20-26 is designated National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week. Each year we take this opportunity to thank our dedicated employees and many community partners for the role they play in ensuring residents of our region have access to the very best pre-hospital emergency and medical transportation services available. But EMS Week is also a chance to reflect on the state of emergency medical services in Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Top 10 Tips for Nonprofits on Social Media

In 2007, you may have thought social media was a fad. In 2009, you may have still thought it won't stick around for long but maybe it's worth checking out. Now, in 2012, you're ready to get serious. If your organization is already on Facebook or Twitter (or even Google+ and LinkedIn), here are 10 tips and guidelines for success:

New Ways to Engage Supporters

Earlier this month, TowerCare had the pleasure of sponsoring the 2012 Western PA Association of Nonprofit Professionals' Emerging Philanthropy Conference. The day provided us with opportunities to connect with regional fundraising professionals and DonorPro users as well as learn from some of the most forward-thinking nonprofit leaders in the area. 

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising for Your Summer Event

At the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, peer-to-peer fundraising has become an essential piece of their development, engagement, and outreach strategy. Catherine Olteanu, Director of Development, explained that last year, the local animal services organization raised $26,000 in conjunction with the 2011 Pittsburgh Marathon from peer-to-peer fundraising alone. As of the first week of March 2012, the Western PA Humane Society has already surpassed last year's total and is “set to nearly double 2011's numbers, which is very exciting.” How?

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