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Mobile Navigation for Your Constituents

If there's any buzz word you would identify with 2011, what would yours be? Personally, I'm voting for mobile. As smart phone ownership rates are at their highest level ever, everyone is buzzing about opportunities to take advantage of all those viewers who are on-the-go.

So, Why Go to the DonorPro Users Conference?

There are six short weeks until the early bird registration closes for the first ever DonorPro Users Conference. We're thrilled for the opportunity to bring nonprofits from around the country to Pittsburgh - a national hub of technological innovation with a deep nonprofit history. Instead of me explaining why to join us in September 2012, I reached out to a few members of our team for their opinions...

Love Your Donors All Year Long

The roses are purchased, a box of chocolates are in hand, and the dinner reservations have been confirmed - but does one stellar romantic evening cover you for the remaining 364 days? Of course not. The same applies for your donors, Romeo. Creating, fostering, and maintaining great relationships with donors requires year-round love. Below are 5 ways to show donors and supporters that you care:

Nonprofit Fundraising - Mobile Version

In the several months since our latest fundraising software product release – DonorPro Connect – we've learned a lot about mobile giving, text-to-donate, and mobile marketing best practices. As nonprofits overwhelmingly decided to launch mobile campaigns in 2011, we've found ourselves in great brainstorming sessions with organizations all around the country. A top question from these conversations has been: “How can I fully take advantage of mobile donation campaigns?” Here are our thoughts -

Share Your Story through Video

Nonprofit leaders and marketers are always on the hunt for more effective ways to share your message and mission online. Social media communication, images of your mission, and blogs can (and do) express your work, needs, and mission in a very easy-to-understand way. However, online video can (and will) promote your message in an entirely distinctive way. 

Why DonorPro?

Last fall, the DonorPro team sponsored a client photo contest asking nonprofits to submit a photo of their mission in action along with a caption further describing their respective work and goals. What we didn't expect was the overwhelming response explaining how DonorPro's suite of nonprofit software solutions supports these incredible missions every day around the globe. Our goal at DonorPro is to design, create, and provide the most intutitive and useful fundraising software available. We thank you for your continued support and partnership. 

Things To Come in 2012:

A new year is the perfect time to reflect on both the last 12 months and to anticipate the year ahead. 2011 was a big year for DonorPro and parent company, TowerCare Technologies. Our team has grown, we are supporting more nonprofits than ever, and we launched a cutting edge mobile fundraising tool called DonorPro Connect. It's been a busy year and we're happy you've been apart of it!

10 Top Tips for Nonprofits Launching Mobile Campaigns

"The Times They Are A-Changing"...It's hard to keep up with ever-evolving fundraising technology. Since DonorPro's recent release of DonorPro Connect, our Mobile Marketing Platform, we've been talking a lot about best practices when going mobile. As the text message open rate is estimated to be between 95-98% and the email open rate is around 22%, we are big proponents for nonprofit mobile outreach. As nonprofits work towards understanding how mobile technology can be a successful and useful investment, take a peek at the list below.

Trends in Nonprofit Websites

A few weeks ago, we blogged about the TechNow 2011 Conference, an annual Conference highlighting technology for nonprofits, specifically upcoming trends to watch out for. John Kenyon, the keynote presenter and nonprofit technology consultant, provided an engaging presentation on a nonprofit's online priority list.

Shake off the "Doom and Gloom" in a Negative Economy

An inspiring and thought-provoking article titled "A Guide to Shaking off the Doom and Gloom" hit our online-network last week. Luke Johnson (runs Risk Capital Investors, author of Start Up! and chairman of Royal Society of the Arts) provided the 13 insights on how to stay positive and productive in a not-so-certain economy. Below are a few of the most compelling and helpful. I hope you will take away as much as I did.

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