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Online Marketing for Nonprofits

Last week, we had the pleasure of sponsoring the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management's annual TechNow Conference. It's the perfect opportunity for nonprofits to discuss new technology, network among nonprofit professionals, and gain new skills to bring back to their organizations. We look forward to this event each fall.

The Top Nonprofits on Social Media

 While this infographic just released last week, it certainly has gained as nonprofits consider the success of their social media outreach. Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist, used the Nonprofit Times list of 100 top nonprofits based on income to take a look at who was proactively and effectively using social media. Below you will find his report.

Our Clients' Mission in Action:

This fall, we've encouraged clients to submit photos of their mission in action. Whatever the mission, whatever the message - we wanted to see it! We've been stunned at the beauty and strength of each submission. Check out the submissions we've received so far!

If you'd like to submit a photo of organization in action, there's just two weeks left! The top submissions will receive up to $250! Register here:

A "Thank You" from DonorPro

To submit a photo of your nonprofit in action, visit our DonorPro Photo Contest Page!

Why Are You Sharing Your Emails on Social Media?

Thanks to Martin Lieberman from Constant Contact for today's blog post. DonorPro is proud to offer an integration with Constant Contact - allowing our nonprofit clients to further extend their development reach. For any questions related to accessing Constant Contact through DonorPro, please call us at 866-935-8281 or email

How to Extend Your Reach:

Nonprofits are moving to the mobile realm like never before, utilizing it to compliment mail and email campaigns while encouraging immediate action. The past few weeks have been pretty busy at DonorPro as we launched a brand new fundraising tool for nonprofits called DonorPro Connect. This new mobile marketing platform gives nonprofits the tools to reach your network anywhere, any time, through their most available device.

Continued Technology Training

You've picked your software, data has been converted, and the training sessions are still fresh in your mind. But six months or a year later – how do you train new staff or volunteers how to use your nonprofit's software?

LinkedIn: Your Online Rolodex

“Twitter and Facebook” - sometimes I wish there was a shorter nickname or acronym to cover the often talked-about social media sites. Everyone is rushing to figure out how to optimize and to keep fresh your Facebook Wall and Twitter Feed. But, are we leaving LinkedIn in the dust? Where Twitter and Facebook get daily activity, you may check into LinkedIn weekly. So what gives? How do you get the most out of LinkedIn for your nonprofit?

Batteries, Bottled Water, and Secure Data:

This week has been full of worry for the East Coast. While you do everything you can to prepare for a natural disaster like a hurricane or earthquake, do you consider the safety of your organization's sensitive data?

Is Google+ a minus for you or a must have?

G + is the tech giant’s latest foray to clink the armor of Facebook. Google’s last two social media efforts, Buzz and Wave, both started strong but quickly became the tech Edsel of the decade. I’m happy to say this Google+ seems to be different.

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