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How to Stretch Your Limited IT Budget

This week's initial blog topic was to be an evaluation of traditional PC options versus Apple technology for your organization's staff. As I continued thinking about the topic, I realized that there are so many more expenses beyond your physical system that make your organization tick daily. These pieces of technology keep your office organized, on task, and in sync with each other. As our technological world grows, so does our dependence on these tools. While many come with a price, there is a growing piece of the industry producing low or no cost products for consumers.




Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Made Easy

In recent months, we've seen Internet powerhouses begin to tweak and introduce new advertising tactics as an attempt to reach target customer groups more effectively. These changes come from a simple idea that marketers have always instinctually understood: the strength behind a personal reference. Online marketing is transforming from business -> consumer to consumer -> consumer. Our clients are now becoming our promoters. Powerful stuff!

Why NonProfits Should Leverage Social Media

It seems like within two years, the term social media has turned from 'what's that?', to marketing buzz, and now maybe the term is an overkill. Whether you're completely hooked, have an account but never log in, or you keep your distance for fear of privacy issues, the power and value of social media is now completely undeniable. It's now (or should be) an integral part of any organization's marketing and sales strategies.

But, what is social media anyway?




The Value of a Constituent Relationship Management System

We're undoubtedly in an era when information is exchanged and taken in at a rate like never before. Regardless of your profession or industry, we're absorbing more technical data, financial information, media news, and personal details than in years past. Even more, it seems like there's a continuous stream of this information from the moment we wake until we finally shut off our smart phones at the end of the day. While some people may believe that there is information 'over share', smart businesses are finding opportunities to leverage this open exchange. We're evolving our ways of communicating by utilizing this new and valuable information and by targeting segmented groups with tailored marketing campaigns, products, services, or events.

Your Data

Crafting the Perfect Blog Post

Does your nonprofit maintain and promote a blog on your website? If you're like most, it may be difficult to develop the right format and content for getting readers to become more engaged with your organization. When I came across today's post by Social Triggers, I knew I had to share. If you've ever wondered how to craft the perfect post, below is an awesome guideline to follow. You may gain new followers, increase engagement, and maybe generate more revnue!

Happy Blogging -- and Happy Friday!

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