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Text-to-Give and Nonprofit Mobile Marketing with DonorPro Connect

Text Message Marketing and Mobile Giving for Your Nonprofit

Nonprofit mobile marketing will connect your organization with all of your constitutents in a brand new way - through their mobile device. With text message marketing and mobile giving, your nonprofit can send quick, direct, and targeted text message alerts, promote mobile giving campaigns, and collect event registrations all through their mobile phone. 


Why Mobile Marketing?

Be timely. Be direct. Be successful.
Use text message marketing to urge action. Increase awareness. Excite your volunteer base. Generate action when it matters most. Direct your constituents to your easy-to-navigate website designed exclusively for a cell phone screen. Collect mobile donations through our text-to-give capabilities. Sponsor mobile giving campaigns. Collect donations through simple text messages. Raise more money for your mission.


Nonprofit Mobile Marketing:

Text-to-Give Campaigns allow your organization to ask for and collect donations of any dollar amount via text message. These donations are submitted from your donor's cell phone and delivered to your organization the very next day. 
Text Message Marketing tools provide a simple way of communicating with constituents through their most accessible device - their mobile phone. Whether you wish to increase general awareness, promote an event, or share the latest news, text message communication is effective, quick, and affordable.

Mobile Websites, designed specifically for visitors on their cell phone, are sleek, clean, and efficient. Your mobile website will be designed by our team in order to promote your organization's missions, brand, and goals. Constituents can now grab information on the go when and how it is most convenient for them. 


DonorPro Is:

  • Affordable and easy to implement mobile marketing for nonprofits both big and small. See DonorPro Connect pricing.
  • An approachable way of reaching new segments of your constituency, particularly younger, more tech-savvy supporters.
  • Custom designed for your nonprofit. Your mobile website will reflect your brand image and message.
  • Trust-worthy. Count on our Support Team to get your mobile campaigns up and running while providing continued support.


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