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Guest Post: John Chamberlin of OutreachU


We recently completed a webinar regarding the use of social media for outreach efforts. It was one of the OutreachU series of webinars for the DonorPro customers. Trying to shove a social media presentation into an hour is like trying to park a 26-foot RV into a “Compact Car Only” parking space.


However, the webinar can be an impetus of discussion for your questions and comments here!


First, keep in mind that “Social Media” is not just Facebook and Twitter. It is any type of “social” media, i.e. blogging, video blogging, chat threads on your website… anything that invites interaction with your customers.


Secondly, don’t get overwhelmed by the various platforms of social media. Pick one or two to experiment with. And please DO experiment.. get in, get your hands dirty so that you understand their functionality or pay for the expertise if you don’t think that you have time to dedicate to it. If nothing else, social media can be a great way to listen to your industry or brand.



Also, make sure that you have a plan. We are all familiar with the standard newsletter that starts out to be monthly, then due to time and effort, slides to quarterly and eventually slides into something that gets done “when we have time.”


Give social media an active role in your regular outreach activities. If you think of your geographical territory as a clock, and you are physically working your way around the territory, the clock, in a systematic manner, what happens in the 12-o’clock or 9-o’clock part of the territory when you are concentrating on face-to-face outreach meetings in the 6-o’clock geographical area? Well, if planned properly, your contacts/customers can be touched by your social media messaging in those other areas until you make your way around the clock face. Therefore, a well-planned and executed electronic social media plan can support and enhance your physical outreach activities.


And when it comes to creating your plan on what to say on your social media channels, remember this, BE SOCIAL!!! Don’t be pushy. Make 80% of the messaging about them.. not you. Here’s our EVERlast OutreachU tool to help guide you in what would be good information to post.


Make your posts:

  • Educational to your desired audience

  • About food, i.e. providing small denomination food gift cards as rewards

  • Validating, in an authentic manner, to your audience

  • Emotional.. draw on the emotions of your audience

  • About recognition.. recognizing your staff or audience for their work vs. your work

  • Lasting.. .something that your audience will want to SHARE with their audience

As I said in the beginning of this post, this is the START of the discussion so let’s hear your thoughts and questions below.