ORPHANetwork uses DonorPro

Donor Database for Nonprofit Fundraising

Fundraising for Nonprofits

DonorPro charity software provides the flexibility of web-based fundraising software and the power of a PC-based and MAC-based donation management system.  DonorPro can be accessed remotely without the need for any additional third party software and without any additional third party costs.  This means your nonprofit employees and volunteers can work from home, from the field, and even from remote locations like disaster sites.

Nonprofit Software for MAC, Windows, and Linux

Our Donor Database, designed exclusively for nonprofits, works on Macintosh, Windows, and Linux.  This means you don't have to invest in any specific hardware just to run DonorPro and you can use our donor database on existing computers in your office or at home.  DonorPro also works seamlessly with your other hardware like printers and scanners. Nonprofit software for Macintosh, Windows, Linux - whatever you prefer.

Charity Software

DonorPro was designed from the ground up as a complete donor database with the ability to store unlimited documents with constituent and donation records like spreadsheets, photos and PDFs.  DonorPro's MySQL relational database easily scales from a single nonprofit desktop to the largest of nonprofit enterprises with millions of records and many thousands of concurrent users. 

DonorPro is an n-tiered application.  This means there are distinct layers for the user interface, for business logic and for the database.  This results in minimal bandwidth requirements and sub-second response times.  So for you, DonorPro is fast and very responsive even with slow internet connections.

Installed and Web-based Online Nonprofit Donor Management Software

DonorPro can be implemented as a web based online donor database or as an installed (self-hosted) nonprofit software solution.  The choice is yours.

Web-Based Fundraising Software
With our ASP (Application Service Provider) or SaaS implementation, we host the DonorPro application and database on your behalf on our servers in our highly secure Class A Datacenter.  We provide database maintenance, nightly data backups, failover (in case the primary production server fails there is a back-up server), and disaster recovery (in case something happens to the primary Datacenter, DonorPro is restored on servers in a disaster recovery site).  You simply log in and use DonorPro from your workstations, desktops or laptops.

Installed Software for Nonprofits
With the installed or self-hosted implementation, your nonprofit purchases a perpetual license for DonorPro.  You remotely download the DonorPro software and database onto one single server that resides at your facility. 

Simple-to-Use Donor Database

DonorPro is simple by design and consistent throughout the application.  Navigation through the software is very easy.  Our charity software contains wizards to guide you through specific tasks.  We optimize use of drop down menus.  All pick lists are easily customized by our users.  We have lots of tools that minimize data entry like batch donation processing with the ability to scan and store check images with your donation records.  Our nonprofit software even contains auto recognition and smart searches such as phonetic (sounds-like) searches to make your life easier.

Multiple Permission Levels

DonorPro Donor Database has role and rights based security.  Nonprofits can set up an unlimited number of roles and can assign multiple roles to each user.  Each role can be assigned one or more of the hundreds of DonorPro permissions.  Permissions are task-based (either you can perform this task or you can't) or data-based (where you specify whether the person can add, edit, view or delete this type of data).  With DonorPro, you can easily limit access to entire functions, or even just certain fields or buttons on a screen.  DonorPro also lets you assign Security Levels to users and Access Levels to constituents to further protect your sensitive donor information.  Add to our security, the fact that we allow for unlimited users with our base fees and you now have the ability to make use of the many resources available to your nonprofit including volunteers and board members with no worries about how to protect confidential information.