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Nonprofit Management Software for Successful Fundraising and More

Fundraising is an art and you’re the artist. So the less time you waste on busy work, the more time you have for your mission. The more time you spend being yourself, the better ties you form with donors. The better ties you form with donors, the more money you raise, because your most effective fundraising tool is your own personality.

DonorPro is professional, nonprofit and event management software that delivers solutions to handle the mechanics of fundraising so you can spend more time on the art of fundraising.  DonorPro's event management includes online event registration, online ticketing, and easy to use seating tools.  

Many organizations use DonorPro for membership management with features to create and track membership packages (programs, types, levels), automate renewal and reminders, offer special promotions, and accept payments online. 

DonorPro Connect makes it easy for visitors to learn more and members to stay in touch with features like QR codes for exhibitis linked to mobile web pages, text message alerts, and text to donate programs. 

It’s simple. With DonorPro you have more time to be yourself so you have more time to engage in your passions.


DonorPro Supports Our Mission

Before DonorPro, a portion of our donor database was "inside the minds" of long-term staff members. With DonorPro, we have been able to keep track of relations, post photos, initiate a methodical system of cultivating donors, and keep track of our contact with community members. The organized data collection system that DonorPro provides allows us to focus on what's important - the children and youth that increase their quality of life through reading, writing, and critical thinking skills acquired and reinforced at the Teton Literacy Center. 

Teton Literacy Center