ORPHANetwork uses DonorPro

Healthcare Nonprofits

Technology to Help Health and Human Service Organization Succeed

DonorPro, powerful and easy to use nonprofit donor management software, has everything that healthcare related nonprofits, including hospital foundations, need to succeed:

  • Fundraising tools
  • Direct mail and email solicitations
  • Peer to Peer grassroots campaigns
  • Donor/donation management tools & contact management
  • Employee and volunteer management
  • Services and scheduling
  • Event and auction management
  • Advanced query and reporting capabilities

Plus, DonorPro is the only nonprofit tracking software of its kind that offers a fully integrated Patient Services Module used by care providers and patient coordinators to track referral sources and dates, identify patient and care provider location, store current and historical diagnoses, track medications and therapies, and manage and record every patient contact.

DonorPro’s robust roles and rights based security means that all information is protected and available only to authorized users. DonorPro allows our not for profit healthcare clients to comply with all HIPAA regulations.

Many of our nonprofit healthcare clients also use DonorPro’s integrated Inventory Tracking Module to track the assets in their own nonprofit organization, to track medications, and to manage receipt and distribution of returnable and nonreturnable stock such as wheelchairs and walkers. The library functionality in DonorPro tracks lending of books, pamphlets, videos, and more. Built-in reminders alert you when a library item is due.


DonorPro Keeps Us Organized

Bivona Child Advocacy Center is a place where children suffering from abuse can go to receive services for medical care and treatment to help begin their journey of healing. DonorPro has been instrumental in helping Bivona keep track of our donors. It has been an invaluable tool; we just completed our annual appeal outreach to more than 5,000 supporters using all the data that we have maintained in DonorPro. The customized fields have allowed us to personalize our communication and to gather additional information on our donors to help make our messaging straonger and more compelling. Thank you, DonorPro!

Bivona Child Advocacy Center