Human and Social Services Nonprofits

Human and Social Service Organizations Use DonorPro

For nonprofits that provide social services to their communities, DonorPro does much more than process donations. It makes it easy for you to communicate with prospects, donors, and the recipients of your services. It facilitates one-to-one targeted marketing campaigns.

DonorPro is very easy to use. It has all the tools you need for fundraising, donor and donation management, volunteer scheduling and more.  It has all the tools to help you run a successful nonprofit organization:

  • Built-In word processing, mail merge, label printing, email and more - DonorPro includes built-in email, word processing, mail merge, online web-based donations, and even label generation and envelope printing. Our forms module allows you to easily design custom forms for everyday use.
  • Powerful Data Mining & Reporting - Tracking your success is easy with our robust query and reporting tools.
  • Easy Scheduling and Service Tracking - Our scheduling and services modules allow you to easily schedule, track, and report on the services you provide to your community. Tasks can be shared with others and synched with third party calendar applications like Microsoft Outlook. We even have automated programmable tasks and of course, configurable task reminders.

With DonorPro FriendRaising, you can easily provide personal online pages to your board members, your volunteers, even your families. Unleash the power of friends asking friends. Our clients have reported up to six-fold increases in money raised by using DonorPro FriendRaising for peer-to-peer campaigns

DonorPro’s social service clients convert prospects to donors at a faster rate, report over 40% increases in staff productivity, and report double digit growth in annual donations.


Saving Us Time and Money

With over 6,700 annual donors who contribute to the NHS Human Services Foundation, names, numbers, and addresses would eventually end up buried in a disorganized spreadsheet, making them difficult to access. The NHS Human Services Foundation has relied heavily on our DonorPro System to track each donor's giving history, grants, pledges, and even birthdays for a unique touch on stewardship. We have also generated fundraising reports that allow us to accurately track over $1.6 million dollars in annual giving, a 71% increase over the previous year.

NHS Humane Services Foundation