YMCA of Salt Lake City uses DonorPro

Customer Support

With DonorPro, you're never alone. Need immediate assistance setting up a donor database query? Want suggestions for best practices for online fundraising? Want another set of eyes to review your fundraising campaign summary report? No problem. You'll receive all the assistance you need - fast and on the first call.

Our help desk is available by phone and email from 8AM - 8PM ET Monday thru Friday. When you call, you'll speak with our customer support reps who are knowledgeable about fundraising, nonprofit management, and donor databases. And you can access our help desk directly from DonorPro to send help requests and to even forward screen shots with your questions.

Our premium support is unlimited and provided to all DonorPro users. There are no additional fees to get the help you need. Plus, you'll receive free nonprofit software enhancements and free donor database upgrades. We make it easy for you to provide your feedback about our nonprofit software. We listen to our clients and incorporate your suggested enhancements into our new releases.

In addition to personal support, our Client Resource Center is an all-in-one client-only website that includes user guides, training videos, client forums, tips and tricks, and more.

How to reach our Support Team:

Email: help@towercare.com

Call toll-free: 866-935-8281

Visit the Client Resource Center to view Tips & Tricks, pre-recorded training videos, client forums, and more.