YMCA of Salt Lake City uses DonorPro

Donation Management Software by TowerCare Technologies

Easy to Use Nonprofit Software Provider

TowerCare Technologies, the company behind DonorPro, is the leading provider of CRM software for nonprofits and donation management software for nonprofits.  Founded in 2002, Towercare is a private nonprofit software company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The TowerCare organization is structured around seven major functional areas -  Software Development, Systems and Network Administration, Sales and Marketing, Implementation, Professional Services, Customer and Technical Support, and Accounting and Finance.  TowerCare's management team is experienced in building, selling, and delivering software of the highest quality.  Our staff posses a unique blend of expertise in technology, business, strategic sales, and customer care and the passion to create solutions that make our nonprofit clients successful.

TowerCare first developed a proprietary, constituent-based architecture.  Upon that architecture, we built DonorPro, our flagship product, to serve the nonprofit business sector.  DonorPro's easy to use nonprofit software was developed from the ground up based on requirements from your peers - nonprofit and fundraising professionals.  We believe that customer input is key to our continued success and we maintain a very active client user group to advise on market trends and corresponding product enhancements.

Our mission is to deliver robust, feature-rich fundraising tools affordably and painlessly to nonprofits of all sizes.  We have aligned our goals with our clients' goals and that's why our tools help nonprofits increase donations and raise more money, streamline their workload, increase productivity, and enhance personal communications with their prospects and donors.

DonorPro has developed and provides CRM software for nonprofits, nonprofit donation websites, and donation management software