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TowerCare Technologies Partners with Civic Science To Deliver Marketing Research and Revenue Solutions for DonorPro Users

Thursday, October 15, 2009

TowerCare Technologies, Inc., makers of the leading nonprofit fundraising software, DonorPro, is pleased to announce a partnership with Civic Science. Civic Science will provide a suite of low cost web applications for DonorPro clients to engage their prospects, donors, members and other stakeholders in high-value polling and marketing research. DonorPro clients will use BallotBox Polling WidgetTM to poll website visitors and build profiles of their online audience over time. The CS Panel ManagerTM will allow nonprofits to build a sense of community among their most loyal and active stakeholders through an opt-in Online Advisory Panel. 

“I look forward to helping DonorPro clients raise more money,” said John Dick, President of Civic Science. “Our Civic Science web applications allow nonprofits to build deep, extensive profiles of their followers. The better they know their constituents, the more personal they can make their fundraising, and the more money they’ll raise.”

Donna Myers, President of TowerCare Technologies agrees. “These inexpensive polling and market research applications will allow our nonprofit clients to easily collect information on what’s important to their constituency. This information is very valuable for understanding how best to reach out and how best to connect with the community. These Civic Science web products are a great addition to DonorPro’s suite of online fundraising tools for web-based donations, ecommerce, and online event ticketing.”

About TowerCare

TowerCare Technologies, Inc. (www.towercare.com), a privately-held company with headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, provides affordable software as a service to all types of nonprofits world-wide. Its flagship product, DonorPro, helps all size nonprofits raise more money, operate more efficiently, and communicate more effectively with the donating public.

About Civic Science

Based in Pittsburgh, Civic Science (www.civicscience.com) has developed proprietary software for performing consumer marketing research and polling online. By engaging with consumers while they surf the web, Civic Science builds massive research databases for retailers, media companies, sports teams, and non-profits. The company’s software then uses advanced machine learning technology to generate automated insights into consumer attitudes.