YMCA of Salt Lake City uses DonorPro

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada

Our organization went through two low cost donor management systems before moving to DonorPro. Each system was fine for data input, but became frustrating when we attempted to produce reports. To reach our goals, we realized that reliable data and clear reports are essential. Beyond reporting, our organization began to need better communication tools, robust event management solutions, and strong relationship tracking abilities to keep up with growth.


We were attracted to and extremely impressed with DonorPro when we first saw how intuitive and complete the reporting capabilities are within the system. The software allowed me to query our data, which provided us with a clear view of our financials and growth – all in a clear, crisp report. Even better, DonorPro included a thorough way of tracking relationships, easily segmenting constituents, and providing us with a full view of each relationship with Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada.


The software offered us an affordable combination of exactly what we needed. They didn't charge us for everything under the sun – just the tools that we needed for our organization. It was the right amount of service, the right amount of system, at the right price. It is very practical solution for us.


We now have 14 DonorPro users across Canada. Because our system is web-based, DonorPro provided our staff a unifying platform where we can access the system where ever and whenever it’s needed. We have the reliability to pull out the information critical to job functions from any aspect of the organization – everything from development, program management, and finance.


DonorPro has provided a unified platform for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada staff. It just works for us. It makes our day-to-day operations much easier and has made a world of a difference for our organization. After eight years of difficult and limiting software programs, moving to DonorPro has been a dream come true for us.


Joel Porter

Executive Director