ORPHANetwork uses DonorPro

Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center

I knew it was time for new software for our nonprofit, when I realized we were years deep in a system that provided inaccurate data reports, limited our number of users, and terminated our customer support service (unless we wanted to pay even more money). So when I began reviewing over a dozen software systems for our nonprofit, my priority list was set: unlimited licenses, intuitive software, varying user permission levels, and excellent customer support, all while keeping our budget in mind. Above all, the software selected needed to be able to strongly support us in our mission - a database that would be easy, intuitive, and complete so we could concentrate on our nonprofit goals.


After talking to a organization within the industry that uses DonorPro, I trusted that the software would fit my organization's needs plus give us room to grow. Learning that I can create custom forms for tracking not only donor information but client and volunteer information too was a big hurdle that DonorPro easily helped us overcome. Another hurdle we faced, was the limited technology resources available within the organization. We operate out of several locations on our grounds and I didn't want to be concerned with the safety and upkeep of our physical data and hosting server. Again, DonorPro had a solution. Implementing DonorPro's Software as a Service (SaaS) option, ensures me that the team at DonorPro is protecting our data and updating our software in turn allowing me to dedicate more time to our mission and goals. After reviewing everything that DonorPro has to offer, I quickly recognized that DonorPro presented a solid solution to our needs (customized forms, reliable data, quality reports, off site hosting and maintenance, customer support) and we were soon a thriving DonorPro client.


Now I can say that DonorPro is the central location for all of our efforts – tracking every person who interacts with our organization, communicating with staff and constituents, analyzing our projects and supporting us in our fundraising efforts. We can do all those through one reliable and flexible system. Implementation was actually 'dreamy'. After nightmarish experiences with the previous software, DonorPro's conversion team couldn't have made the process any smoother. They are insightful, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. My satisfaction doesn't stop there. DonorPro's customer care team is phenomenal. I can't remember a time when someone was not responsive with our questions or needs.


Laura Merrick