YMCA of Salt Lake City uses DonorPro

Connecticut Voices for Children

We had been using Excel spreadsheets to track our nonprofit's data for some time before deciding to look for new management software. After years of our building frustrations with Excel and our outdated software, we had a laundry list of 'must-haves' for a new system. First and foremost, we needed the ability to obtain a complete understanding of our data – fundraising, event growth, relationships – we wanted it all. We needed our entire staff on the system and a controlled way of keeping data consistent and clean. Also, we weren't going to budge on having the ability to query and report on any field – standard or custom. On top of it all, an affordable price was one of our biggest requirements.


Our search was thorough and critical. I created a list of 50 questions to our final list of vendors. There were certain deal breakers that I wasn't willing to budge on such as querying, custom fields, and clean reporting. After touring the DonorPro software and conducting thorough interviews with our DonorPro sales executive, I realized that I would not need to give up any of my requirements – not one! No matter how good a vendor's sales team is, it's the quality of the software that ultimately matters. DonorPro has a quality that makes them stand out among the others.


Since our pain-free implementation, DonorPro has saved our office a lot of time. We can quickly send reports to our Board of Directors and major donors. DonorPro prevents repetitive work and double-checks for errors in our data input. We are very happy with the decision we made in choosing DonorPro for our donor management and fundraising needs.  


Linda Deemy

Project and Development Associate