Bivona Child Advocacy Center uses DonorPro

Sisters of the Humility of Mary

After years of fundraising, I can proudly say that this is the first time that I can perform every basic task in this system without technical assistance. DonorPro has allowed me to work more efficiently by quickly adding data, generating reports, and tracking our progress within minutes. My communication with donors and constituents has become more timely with DonorPro. I am able to process receipts, thank you letters, and year-end donation reports easily. Even better, our Finance Department loves us. We run regular reports for them which are integrated with their accounting practices. Reports are accurate, on time, complete, clear – the information is secure and we are in compliance with all accounting standards.


DonorPro is a program that can grow with our organization. I don't see a need to replace it with another software because we have outgrown it. Additionally, the level of support is unmatched by anyone in the industry. I've used six systems previous to DonorPro. We always reached a point where customer support would max out and we'd then have to pay by the hour. We've never experienced that while working with DonorPro. To put it simply, my job is to engage people and raise money. DonorPro supports my position and mission better than any other program I've ever used.


Wendy Wareham

Director of Development