ORPHANetwork uses DonorPro

Client Testimonials

Our organization is successful because of the wide variety of people who really make our mission come alive. Volunteers, riders, instructors, donors, horses, and staff all play an important part in the success of our nonprofit.   Our previous nonprofit software did not meet our needs – it couldn't handle the variety of constituents and information we needed to track. We were then referred to DonorPro and couldn't be happier for the introduction.  
The ALS Association is a national organization with many chapters around the country. The national organization was seeking a software system that would integrate all offices of the organization into a unifying platform for the entire staff and selected DonorPro. The ALSA Louisiana Chapter, uses DonorPro daily for several purposes. It's not simply a donation tracking tool – it combines volunteer management, event planning, inventory tracking, and patient care all in one place. DonorPro helps ALS staff to better communicate and cultivate donors while tracking fundraising information and keeping tabs on patient service programs.
Our organization went through two low cost donor management systems before moving to DonorPro. Each system was fine for data input, but became frustrating when we attempted to produce reports. To reach our goals, we realized that reliable data and clear reports are essential. Beyond reporting, our organization began to need better communication tools, robust event management solutions, and strong relationship tracking abilities to keep up with growth.  
Before I started at the Foundation two years ago, our database was managed by so many individuals, it was like a revolving door. Each person used DonorPro a little bit differently. I joined the organization with no prior DonorPro experience. For a moment, I felt overwhelmed: new organization, understanding our operations, and needing to dive into a brand new system. That's when I discovered the DonorPro's Customer Service Department.  
I knew it was time for new software for our nonprofit, when I realized we were years deep in a system that provided inaccurate data reports, limited our number of users, and terminated our customer support service (unless we wanted to pay even more money). So when I began reviewing over a dozen software systems for our nonprofit, my priority list was set: unlimited licenses, intuitive software, varying user permission levels, and excellent customer support, all while keeping our budget in mind. Above all, the software selected needed to be able to strongly support us in our mission - a database that would be easy, intuitive, and complete so we could concentrate on our nonprofit goals.  
We had been using Excel spreadsheets to track our nonprofit's data for some time before deciding to look for new management software. After years of our building frustrations with Excel and our outdated software, we had a laundry list of 'must-haves' for a new system. First and foremost, we needed the ability to obtain a complete understanding of our data – fundraising, event growth, relationships – we wanted it all. We needed our entire staff on the system and a controlled way of keeping data consistent and clean. Also, we weren't going to budge on having the ability to query and report on any field – standard or custom. On top of it all, an affordable price was one of our biggest requirements.  
We do a lot of fundraising events. Every fall we have a big event with a silent auction. It generates a lot of revenue and is essential to our success. In my first three years with Families First before DonorPro, auction checkouts were miserable, both for our staff and for our supporters. With over 300 items to process, some donors would stand in line for hours. Then we would spend weeks afterwards trying to reconcile reports, send receipts, and tie up loose ends. For our 2010 fall event, we used DonorPro to plan and manage our event and auction. DonorPro handled sponsorships, seating, registration and all auction logistics – from organizing auction items to checkout and receipting. What a difference DonorPro made! Saturday night, checkout was completed for over 300 guests with 322 items in under 30 minutes. Everyone walked away with their items, thank you letters and receipts. And, on Monday AM, we printed out all financial reports for our event.
After years of fundraising, I can proudly say that this is the first time that I can perform every basic task in this system without technical assistance. DonorPro has allowed me to work more efficiently by quickly adding data, generating reports, and tracking our progress within minutes. My communication with donors and constituents has become more timely with DonorPro. I am able to process receipts, thank you letters, and year-end donation reports easily. Even better, our Finance Department loves us. We run regular reports for them which are integrated with their accounting practices. Reports are accurate, on time, complete, clear – the information is secure and we are in compliance with all accounting standards.  
Prior to DonorPro, the Western PA Humane Society was using a very basic system, similar to the functionality of Excel, to track our donors, foster homes, members, and pets. That system was fine for tracking our pets, but not our donor information and members. It was clear that we were missing out on a huge opportunity. We simply were not maintaining and utilizing the right kind of information.