YMCA of Salt Lake City uses DonorPro

Western PA Humane Society

Prior to DonorPro, the Western PA Humane Society was using a very basic system, similar to the functionality of Excel, to track our donors, foster homes, members, and pets. That system was fine for tracking our pets, but not our donor information and members. It was clear that we were missing out on a huge opportunity. We simply were not maintaining and utilizing the right kind of information.


Upon implementation, DonorPro quickly became an essential tool for our entire team – not just within development. With the DonorPro functionality, particularly groups and queries, we now have access to information that allows us to solicit and market to untapped audiences. DonorPro allowed us to grow in ways we didn't think was possible.


Not long after our DonorPro CRM implementation, we began utilizing DonorPro FriendRaising for marketing, events, and outreach. It was an immediate success. Thanks to FriendRaising, we have been able to drastically improve our acquisition and grow our database while our footprint in the region has dramatically increased. Between DonorPro CRM and DonorPro FriendRaising, the boundaries between all departments have blended. We all work within the same system which keeps our data and programs consistent and easily accessible.


Whitney Venus, Assistant Development Director

Western PA Humane Society