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Online Fundraising Tools with Nonprofit CMS by DonorPro

Websites for Nonprofits for Internet Fundraising

Your nonprofit website is key for connecting, building, and strengthening relationships with the public online. A website that reflects your mission, purpose, and goals will bring your nonprofit to life online and prove to be an invaluable resource for developing new supporters, driving online donations, and building stronger constituent relationships. Promote your mission, connect with the public, share your message, and raise revenue with DonorPro - a Nonprofit CMS.

A nonprofit CMS (Content Management System), DonorPro's online fundraising tools will allow you to create and update your message easily and affordably, for any technical ability or budget. Accept online donations, promote your mission, and excel with your nonprofit website.

DonorPro CMS is mobile ready -- your constituents can enjoy your website on any device, whether it be a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Mobile capability is included in our DonorPro CMS without any additional fees or website design projects!



Share Your Mission. Promote Your Goals. Increase Revenue.
Your custom nonprofit website will allow you to promote your message, mission, successes, and needs. Direct your supporters, donors and volunteers to your branded website and use online fundraising tools, and accept online donations. With DonorPro Nonprofit CMS, you'll have complete control over your brand, content, and graphics. It's easy-to-use and requires no programming or technical expertise.  Promote online fundraising pages, provide event ticketing and registration, and support an online store - all integrated seamlessly with your DonorPro nonprofit software.


What We Offer:

Nonprofit Websites that will be an integral part of your constituent relationship development strategy. DonorPro CMS will support your online donation processing and event registrations all while effectively promoting your mission.
Web Development Team who will bring your mission and identity to life on the Web. Our collaborative approach ensures that your nonprofit's voice is effectively presented while you receive the training and support you need to keep the progress going.
Nonprofit Marketing that supports your entire online outreach strategy.  Email marketing, 1-to-1 marketing, blogging, and social media communication will bring your voice to new audiences. Tracking and analytics will ensure you are effective.
Online Fundraising Tools that are seamlessly integrated with your donor database. All online donations, registrations, and forms are connected to your database, eliminating the hassel of duplicate entry.

Internet Fundraising armed with online ticketing, e-commerce store, event marketing and credit card processing. 


Training and Continued Support

With DonorPro Nonprofit CMS, you are never left in the dark. Our site implementation process takes about 12 weeks and includes site planning, delivery of site mock-ups for your review and approval, site building, training, and content population, then site launch. After the site launch, our customer care team is available from 8am-8pm ET to assist you with questions, help with site uploads, interpret Google analytic reports, provide guidance for search engine optimization, and more. Regardless of technical ability or comfort, our team will design and create a website for your nonprofit that reflects the personality and mission of the organization. 


Why DonorPro Nonprofit CMS?

  • Easy to use online fundraising tools.
  • Beautiful design on both a desktop or mobile device. 
  • Update your content to showcase relevant and important news.
  • Boost online donations, visitors, and volunteers with easy-to-use online forms and sign-up pages.
  • Integrate all of your online activity into your donor database, saving you time and allowing you to focus on what matters most.
  • Affordable website design and development.

Ready to learn more? Reach out today for a proposal based for your nonprofit website. Contact our team for more information.