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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising & Nonprofit Event Fundraising

Nonprofit Fundraising Software by DonorPro FriendRaising

Channel the passion that your supporters already have for your mission into activities that raise more funds. By giving your supporters personal fundraising sites, they'll be able to fundraise and promote your mission on your behalf - all while you keep track of their success.

DonorPro FriendRaising -- our peer-to-peer fundraising platform -- enables grassroots fundraising for nonprofits looking to spread their message and gain new supporters. Allow your supporters to create their own personal web pages intuitively and quickly, with no need for them (or you) to have any programming expertise. From their customized page, they'll be able to make your mission personal by telling their own stories and uploading photos and video. Our nonprofit fundraising software makes it simple for supporters to fundraise online, send emails to their network, share their story on social media, and invite their friends to become your supporters too! 


Share Your Mission. Enable Supporters. Be successful.
In conjunction with your big event, walk-a-thon, gala, or outreach campaign, use DonorPro FriendRaising to reach a whole new audience and expand your reach. Unleash the creative power of your supporters as they make your mission personal. Watch as they enlist their network to support your mission. Whether your goal is to raise more money, increase event registrations, or increase awareness, DonorPro FriendRaising will generate buzz and reach a new audience.


What We Offer:

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising that provides individual supporters with the tools to fundraise on your nonprofit's behalf. All information provided by your new constitutents will be funneled into your donor database - effective and simple.
Grassroots Awareness connected to platforms like Facebook, Twiter, and email, your supporters will share your mission with their entire online network. DonorPro FriendRaising creates a perfect opportunity for general outreach campaigns and appeals.
Event Fundraising tools for easy promotion, registration options, and event marketing. Typically organized around an event like a walk, bike ride, or golf outing, attendees and team members can send appeals for financial support to friends and family. 
Nonprofit Fundraising Software that allows supporters to create personalized campaigns and unique web pages that will drum up support and donations for your mission. 
Fundraising Event Software that brings groups of people together to support your mission. Friendly competition and fundraising goals keep your event fun and exciting while your supporters stay driven. Assign team captains, watch fundraising progress, and send team updates and reminders.
Online Auctions allow you to provide visibility to sponsors while keeping costs low and attracting more donors.
Photo and Video Contests provide a fun way to engage constituents and raise more money for your mission. 


Why DonorPro FriendRaising

  • Successfully enable volunteers to fundraise online while promoting your message.
  • Effectively generate buzz and expand your network of supporters.
  • Affordable pricing ensures that nonprofits of any size or type can succeed from peer-to-peer fundraising. Check out DonorPro FriendRaising's pricing.