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DonorPro FriendRaising: Friend-to-Friend Fundraising

Friend-to-Friend Fundraising & Donation Systems Pricing

DonorPro FriendRaising is an affordable friend-to-friend fundraising tool that enables supporters to use social and personal fundraising to reach out to and connect with their own network. With DonorPro FriendRaising, you have the option to set up one, personal fundraising site. Or, you can choose to sign on for unlimited microsites for any type of campaign, event, event, auction, or program. The choice is up to you.

With DonorPro's easy to use donation systems like FriendRaising, you'll see your supporters sharing your message and mission through email, social fundraising, personal blogs, and email. And it's affordable. Check out the pricing for both a single personal fundraising site or unlimited access to the fundraising tools. 

Single Campaign Site
One-time set-up/access fee $500
Monthly Fee (Campaign Duration) $50
Transaction fee 1%
Unlimited Campaign Sites
Annual License Fee $2,250
Monthly Fee (Includes Unlimited Campaigns/Sites) $100
Transaction Fee 1%